An Overview Of The Indigenous Strength

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Alvar Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca is one of the first European explorers ever to set foot in what we now recognize as the great state of Texas. Back then – during the 16th century, to be precise – he lived with a tribe of Native Americans, taking in their culture and methods for close to a decade. Cabeza de Vaca saw how the majority of the people embraced the kind of strength and energy only a few of us today can only dream of. He had a firsthand account on how resilient Indians are, especially when it comes to providing for the tribe and for the family. This physical prowess, from the looks of it, stemmed from years of trials and challenges, and, more importantly, a natural high-protein diet.


Their Undeniable Indian Intuition

Unlike the bevy of today’s “healthy” fad diets, which include those fat-free, low-gluten, etc., ancient Native Americans devoured food that was high in fat, or, in particular, maligned saturated fat, according to Trim Down Club.

During those times, hunters depended their search on climate and topography, yet still stuck with the basics of game, vegetable, and whatever they could capture or reap. It’s impressive how they instinctively knew the benefits of saturated fat to their bodies.

As a matter of fact, in times when big game was rare and only fresh meat with low body fat was available, they suffered from what’s known as rabbit-starvation. To balance their meals, Indians eventually incorporated fruits, wild berries, and grains to the meat- and saturated fat-heavy diet.


Tips on How to Adapt This Natural Diet

As a way of applying it to our diet philosophy today, we don’t have to resort to hunting bison in the wild or rummaging for grains on grasslands; we just need to forage wisely in our local supply store. Whether we buy food at a nearby farmer or butcher’s market, or a plain old grocery chain, let’s create a list integrating some of the vital philosophies of Native American culture. For example, instead of the usual processed drinks, we should opt for raw milk from grass-fed cows. When it comes to solid protein, it’s imperative to have it fresh and wild.

Additionally, it’s advisable to have organ meat like liver at least once every week. In terms of produce, as much as possible, let’s choose fresh and organically grown fruits and vegetables. It may cost more than standard food, but the benefits are unreal.

Lastly, when buying and consuming fat, go for the likes of butter, lard, or tallow.

The Overall Influence of Native Americans in Today’s Pop Culture

In hindsight, we still see how Native Americans have a significant impact on today’s civilization. They even impressively made it to various forms of popular media endeavors.

From classic movies like Val Kilmer’s film Thunderheart and The Last of the Mohicans starring Daniel Day-Lewis, to games such as ‘Wolf Rising’ which is showcased on Slingo and the cult-classic Turok franchise, Native American Indians exude resilience unlike any other. To our contemporary eyes, it looks like modern day comic book heroes took inspiration from these indigenous people. They have an otherworldly aura about them.

In reality, however, this amazing strength – witnessed by Cabeza de Vaca – can only be attributed to the ideal equilibrium of their environment and what is now regarded as native fitness.

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