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Summary: Can’t decide which ab machine to get? Check out this article and find out the best ab machine to get flat stomach on the market today!


Exercise equipment for abs isn’t only for well-sculpted core muscles but also for real world benefits. Think of function, balance, posture, endurance and strength. And here’s the best part: Your core muscles or abdominals, are what connect your upper and lower body, so strengthening this portion of your body is just practical and wise. In the following, you can refer to our top picks – and their pros and cons. Later, decide which one is right for you based on your goals, as some of the machines also target other muscle groups.

Six Pack Abs

The Many Benefits of Using Exercise Equipment for Abs


Men Abs

If you don’t want to feel the pain in your back and neck area, then using this machine is important due to its design reducing discomfort while ensuring you’re getting the most out of your exercise, not hurting other parts of your body – like the back or the neck.


Woman Flat Stomach

Having a strong core muscle, you’ll achieve better balance – which isn’t only about standing on one leg but also in performing daily activities, such as riding on a bumpy road or walking on an uneven surface.

Lower back pain prevention

Lower Back Pain

Exercising your core muscles does not only strengthen and condition your thighs, hips, gluteal muscles and back but also prevents aches and pain. These areas can be engaged by an ab machine, which can also help you recover from back pain fast. Plus, core training on an abdominal machine makes you more efficient in daily movements, including gardening, lifting a box, standing, twisting and even sitting on your desk that engages your core muscles.

Improved sports performance


If there’s one thing that every athlete wants to achieve in every game (baseball, basketball, football…), that’s upped performance. But to get it, you’ll have to produce force with the limbs, which becomes possible with a stabilized core – that’s what an ab machine can help you with in the first place.

Full Motion Range

Woman Abs

Using a core exercise machine, you can use your full range of motion, ensuring each crunch, let us say, is maximized to its potential, as compared to ab exercises without a machine that won’t let you get to full ROM when your form is bad. So without even saying, an ab machine streamlines every movement, ensuring you’re doing it right all the time.

Posture Improvement

Flat Stomach

A good posture affects your daily function. For one, it places the least compression amount on your back, reducing wear and tear on your spine. By performing abdominal exercises, you can build the abdominal wall, strengthen your lower back and open up your hip flexors, making life easier for you.

Easy To Use

Exercise Bench

Doing a core exercise without a machine, you may often find your neck pinching in or toes lifting – this isn’t the proper way to do crunches, let’s say. But this is eliminated with a core machine because it is designed to target only your abdominal muscles.

Quick Table Comparison

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List Of Best Ab Machines

Ab Coaster Max - Safely & Efficiently Blast Your Whole Core with this Abdominal Training Breakthrough

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Designed with a natural arc, Ab Coaster Max lets you do just the right core contraction, with every rep targeting your abdominals. The product gives a constant core contraction to achieve a chiseled midsection and cut obliques. It works the lower, middle and upper abdominals as well while being easy on the body.

Ab Coaster Max can also work the right side or left obliques with just a twist on the seat. So regardless of the ab workout and your fitness level, this easy to use and efficient machine could be just what you need.


  • Smooth bottom up movement
  • Natural arc
  • Durable steel frame
  • plus-circle
    Accommodates up to 300 lbs
  • plus-circle
    Suitable even for beginners
  • plus-circle
    Targets the entire abdominal region


  • Elbow pads might feel short for some users
  • Heavy and big
  • Rather expensive
  • minus-circle
    Cannot be stored easily
Total Gym Force Everything Your Body Needs, with Over 60 Exercises, on Just One Machine

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Work on major muscle groups by using the Total Gym Force for cardio training, strength training and stretching exercises. The machine lets you do more than 60 exercises without plates, cords and weights, allowing you to change from one exercise to another fast.


  • Easy to fold and store design
  • Accommodates up to 350 lbs
  • Zero assembly needed
  • plus-circle
    Automatic lock height adjustment
  • plus-circle
    Comes with nylon strap handles; padded pillow


  • Mat is too short for the machine
  • Might not be suitable for tall users
  • A bit wobbly construction reported some users and they needed to spend time on pulling pins, attaching and using different bars and pins and unhooking things
Body-Solid GCAB360 CAM Series Ab / Back Machine

via Amazon.com

This is a dual function machine that works not only the abs but also the back, strengthening and conditioning the regions.

It also improves your flexibility and posture and meets your busy lifestyle, providing basic to advanced abdominal exercises. The machine allows 26 adjustable ROM settings and has a plate-loaded design.


  • 2 x 4 durable steel frame
  • Dura Firm padding
  • Compact design
  • plus-circle
    26 adjustments to control or increase range of motion
  • plus-circle
    All parts covered by limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty


  • Assembly is time-consuming
  • Bulky
  • Heavy
Powerline Roman Chair/Back Hyperextension

via Amazon.com

This is a dual function machine that works not only the abs but also the back, strengthening and conditioning the regions.

It also improves your flexibility and posture and meets your busy lifestyle, providing basic to advanced abdominal exercises. The machine allows 26 adjustable ROM settings and has a plate-loaded design.


  • 2 x 2 inch steel construction, powder coat finish and scratch-resistant
  • Support up to 250 pounds
  • Manual inversion mechanism
  • plus-circle
    Extra wide base gets rid of rocking
  • plus-circle
    Trains the abs, back, glutes and hams


  • No instructions but only a couple of pictures and a diagram included; should have been included with a DVD for user instructions
  • Plastic ends might keep coming off, and the brass inserts on the main shaft might keep separating as reported by some users
XMark Rotary Ab Back Extension Machine XM-7614

via Amazon.com

This ab machine allows basic to advanced body-weight resistance training for a core-sculpting workout. Standard or Olympic plates can be added with the adapter sleeve.

It comes with a 4-position adjustable seat and cushioned roller pad for the back or midsection and then 7-position and over-sized roller pads for the ankles for comfort and targeted movements.


  • 360-degree full range of movement cam system for complete ROM control
  • 11-gauge 2x 3 inches steel construction
  • Skid-resistant feet
  • plus-circle
    Baked powder coat finish for scratch resistance
  • plus-circle
    Ideal for abdominal and back hyperextension workouts
  • plus-circle
    Plate-loaded design for resistance adjustment
  • plus-circle
    DuraGuard vinyl for tear and sweat resistance


  • Exercises could be very limited; you might have to be very creative and take unnecessary risks – if not, all you could do are lower back extensions and sit-ups
  • Assembly is needed


Whether you’re mopping the floor or hitting a golf ball, what completes the movement moves through the core or originates from it. But that is enough said about the benefits of having a conditioned, strengthened and well-defined abs.

So if you’re aiming at developing chiseled and stronger core, get the right exercise equipment for abs by referring to this review. Later, tell us about your experience and share it with the community.

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