What Age Do Girls Stop Growing?

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You’re asking, “What age do girls stop growing?” An American female has an average height of 64.3 inches (163.5 cm), but that of course can be affected by several factors, including genes, environment and lifestyle, to name some. But then, when do they really stop growing? What can be done to maximize their growth potential? Let’s discuss that and more in the following sections.

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When Do Girls Stop Growing?

They stop growing at the end of sexual development (puberty) in which nutrients and hormones used for growth have reached its maximum limit.

[Girls enter puberty between 8 and 13 years old and their growth spurt takes place between 10 and 14 years old.]

The greatest growth spurt, on the other hand, takes place at the start of menstruation usually around 12 years old. It is the period when girls grow one to two inches every year, but stop growing at the age of 14-16. Again, the numbers vary from one individual to another due to several factors, such as when the puberty begins.

Summing this section up, girls stop growing when puberty ends. It is the stage when nutrients and hormones used for growth has reached its maximum threshold value.

Puberty Signs in Girls

  • Hips and breasts start growing.
  • Growth rate happens rapidly.
  • ​Sexual organs, including the vagina, uterus, clitoris and labia, increase in size.
  • Pubic hair appears within a year after breast development.

Growth Factors



It plays a major role in a child’s overall growth and development. Boys are usually taller than girls are, but not in all cases. Some females outgrow their male counterparts of the same age.


Genetics Factors

What age do girls stop growing? This question can also be answered by looking at the genetic properties of both parents. A child receives the DNA blueprint from both her parents during conception; thus, it can influence how tall your child will be.

[The height of both parents, in this case, also has to be looked at to determine a child’s potential height. Additionally, you can determine how tall your child will grow by looking at the grandparents’ heights on both the paternal and maternal side. For a girl, both the grandmothers’ and the mother’s height may influence her height.]


Food Meals

Aside from genetic factors, nutrition also plays a major role in a girl’s height. Without even saying, a child with nutrient deficiency may experience significantly less growth potential as compared to her counterpart getting adequate nutrition.

So it is not only genetics that have to be blamed for shorter height, but also diet. Give your child a well-balanced diet, which is low in saturated fat, sodium and sugar but rich in essential vitamins and minerals.

Physical Activities

Physical Activities

Exercise and physical activities also influence a girl’s growth and development. Undesirable consequences will take place if a child isn’t getting enough exercise, as it may lead to childhood obesity, stunted growth and weak bones and muscles to support full growth potential.

Medical Conditions

Medical Conditions

Dwarfism, gigantism and Turner Syndrome – these are a few of the genetic disorders that affects a child’s height. Additionally, newborns failing to thrive due to other considerations, such as premature birth, could also determine maximum height potential in puberty. So if you feel your kid isn’t growing properly, take her to a pediatrician.

Maximizing a Girl’s Full Growth Potential

Now that you know what age do girls stop growing, it is time that you learn of ways on how to help your child reach her maximum height potential.

​Balanced diet

​Balanced diet

Give you kid three to six meals every day and see to it her food is rich in protein, calcium, vitamins, zinc and other nutrients. You can also make meal plans, along with meal timings for the best results.


Girl Exercises

Physical activities and stretching exercises can help her grow taller as well as keep her healthy in the puberty period when growth happens.


Sleeping Girl

During sleep, tissues grow, which is why it is important that you ensure your kid is getting quality sleep lasting from eight to 11 hours daily to stimulate and enhance growth hormone production.

Proper posture

Proper Posture

See to it that your child is sitting and standing with a good posture and avoiding hunching or slumping.

Other factors

Steroids, alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes are growth-stunting products that have to be avoided, as they can affect tissue growth and health.

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Summing Up

What age do girls stop growing? Girls grow rapidly during the puberty stage and stop growing after it. Factors, including genetic makeup, gender, diet and physical activities, can help you determine her full growth potential.

For newborns, premature birth and disorders including the Turner Syndrome can affect growth. If you feel your child isn’t growing properly, take her to the family doctor for proper diagnosis and advice.

Overall, you can help your child reach her maximum height potential by giving her adequate nutrition and engaging her in physical activities, including yoga and swimming.

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