What Muscle Groups To Work Together? You Need To Know

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Muscle Training

If you're like most people, you really just can't have a 6-day training split to allot for each muscle group. Either you're busy, you don't have the energy, or it's just not your top priority.

If that's the case, your ability to make decent gains in the gym lies in your knowledge to know what muscle groups to work together to produce maximum results in less time. As a busy person, you have to be very efficient--because TIME is absolutely gold for us.

In this article, I will be showing you how to make the most out of your gym visits by learning how to group specific body parts that work well synergistically.

First, let's talk about the main muscle groups.

The Main Muscle Groups

Front Muscle Groups

In bodybuilding, training splits are usually done to separate the biggest body parts also known as the main muscle groups. These muscle groups are trained individually on different days, carefully spacing them out so that we could train them with maximal intensity and effort.

I will classify these into three:

  • The pushing muscles: Chest as the major muscle group, and shoulders and triceps as the assisting muscle groups
  • The pulling muscles: Back muscle groups, plus the biceps as the smaller or assisting muscle group
  • Leg muscle groups: including the quadriceps and the hamstrings
Back Muscle Groups

One of the famous training splits that are invented is based on these three main muscle groups. It is called Push/Pull/Legs training split.

Unless you're a beginner that starts with a low volume approach to training, it is highly unlikely that you will train two main muscle groups in a single session.


Due to the high energy demands that one of these muscle groups requires, training two of them would be very taxing to your body. As a result, you will sacrifice one of the muscle groups' training intensity.

What Muscle Groups To Work Together?

The Pushing Muscles

Your chest, shoulders, and triceps are your the upper body muscle groups that are responsible for the pushing of the weights. They work synergistically when we perform pressing exercises such as Bench Press or Military Press and their variations.When doing a Chest workout, most likely your main exercise would be the Bench Press--the king of all chest exercises--or its variation.

Since this exercise hits these three muscle groups(chest, shoulders, triceps), it is just smart to train them all together on that given day.

Of course, you can isolate your chest muscles with machine exercises or dumbbell flyes, but that won't be as effective as doing multi-join exercises. That is why this training this way is very efficient and effective because these muscle groups complement each other.

After a couple of pressing movements for the chest, you can now pick an exercise to exhaust your shoulders. For more details, you should read previous article about best shoulder exercises for mass.

You will notice that you won't be able to push as much weight for your shoulder exercise because some of the muscle fibers in your shoulders are already used for the chest movements. That's fine. Our goal is to stimulate the most muscle fibers in the least amount of time--not to show off and push heavy ass weights in every movement.

For the triceps, it's okay to go easy on them and perform only a couple of sets since they're already worked up on those pressing movements.

Best Shoulder Exercises For Mass

The Pulling Muscles

Your back and biceps are your pull muscles. Like the pushing muscles, these muscle groups work together by pulling the weights toward the body.

The back, consisting of the lats, rhomboids, traps, and the lower back, are larger muscles assisted by your biceps when doing pulling movements such as pulldown and rowing exercises.

As with any muscle groups, the best way to stimulate them is through multi-join exercises that build mass. You should check previous article about list of best back exercises for mass to get more details.

Best Back Exercises For Mass


Your quads, hamstrings, and glutes are the leg muscle groups. Since they comprise the bulk of the lower body, it is efficient and wise to train them together.

This will not only save time but training them together will stimulate growth hormones in the body because legs are one big muscle groups.

As stated in the previous article - How To Get Rid Of Skinny Legs, Squats is the king of all leg exercises. This will work for all these leg muscle groups and exhaust them all in a single exercise. Talk about being effective and time efficient.

How To Get Rid Of Skinny Legs

These muscle groups are perfect for a push/pull/legs training split. Be sure to incorporate them into your workout regimen.


No matter what training split you use or how knowledgeable you are in grouping specific muscles in a workout, you can't progress on any of these if you lack another important aspect of getting big and strong: nutrition.

Nutrition Diagram

Since you're taxing your body with more muscle groups being trained in a single workout, one of the most crucial things you can do is supply your body with quality protein throughout the day, and ESPECIALLY, right after your workouts. Your best bet is to drink a post-workout shake consisting of whey protein like best cheap protein powder supplement and a source of simple carbohydrates.

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