How To Gain Weight With A Fast Metabolism

Summary: Are you a hardgainer? Are you having a difficult time gaining weight because of your fast metabolism? Help yourself out and read this article!


Are you looking for ways on how to gain weight? It’s contradicting as it sounds because people are looking to weigh less, not more, on the scale. They pray that those numbers would go down to look skinny in this culture obsessed with thinness. But then if you want to put on size despite your fast metabolism that does not let you gain weight no matter how much food you’re eating, you need the following vital information to get started.

What a Fast Metabolism Does to Your Body?

Fast Metabolism Body

With it, you burn the energy from food at a faster rate than other people do, meaning you require more energy from food to grow and develop muscle.

But having a fast metabolism doesn’t mean you have the license to run to the vending machine and splurge on just about anything. Thus, you still have to make healthy food choices, eating well-balanced meals at least three times a day, snacks included in between to boost your energy intake. For further explanation, refer below for tips to gain weight fast.

How to Gain Weight Strategically and Fast?

How To Gain Weight With A Fast Metabolism? Aside from the foods to help you gain weight safely and fast, there are other things you can do to speed up the process and achieve a better-looking physique, not a skinny (or ectomorph) body shape.

Eat smarter

How To Gain Weight

Consume foods with the highest calorie first. For example, you may want to start with eggs and avocado slices before cereal.

Or you can also eat large meals, but they must be spaced out. Ideally, hard gainers are advised to have a big breakfast, lunch and dinner for the best results.

And then, you should eat more often. Having a small appetite, for instance, you might find it hard gaining weight. You can work it around by not forcing yourself to overindulge during meals, but eating up to six small meals throughout the day, according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Just remember to space every meal by up to four hours.

Focus on your eating habits than on slowing down your metabolism though. As you may already know, your genes still have much to do with your metabolism, so slowing it down may be beyond your control. So still, the main focus here is to keep your food habits in check. Again, eat strategically, eat more often (if you have a small appetite) and always choose the healthy stuff even if you need to eat more to gain weight.

4 Eating Strategies That Will Help You Gain Weight

1. Eat peanut butter.


This is one of the most recommended foods for hard gainers, as it is loaded with unsaturated fats and calories, along with carbohydrates and protein that you need to pack on weight and muscle.

Aside from peanut butter, you can opt for other nut butters to smear onto banana or apple slices as well as on whole wheat bread and whole grain crackers.

Another healthy fat source is olive oil that you can add on salads, baked potatoes and sandwiches.

2. Add eggs to your diet.


Just like peanut butter, eggs are loaded with protein, different amino acids essential for gaining weight and building muscle. But consume the yolk moderately due to it high fat and cholesterol content.

Have a lean cut of steak. Aside from it being easy to prepare, it is also advised for skinny people who want to add on size for its high level of protein.

3. Drink milk.

Drink Milk

If you want to gain weight, don’t skip the milk for its carbohydrates, protein and calories you need. Opt for whole milk and add it to your protein shakes and smoothies throughout the day.

4. Drink smoothie instead of water most of the time.

To gain weight fast, opt for 100% vegetable juice or fruit juice, or whip up your smoothie with cottage cheese or full fat yogurt. You can also consider avocado, another slow-digesting food that works for people with fast metabolism. After all, it can also make your smoothies extra delicious and creamy.

Working Out


Stay active. You can engage in sports, do weightlifting or cardio, or whatever keeps you moving and burning calories. Regular (and consistent) physical activities can increase your appetite and keep you healthy. For one is strength training, an effective exercise to build lean muscle fast. You can get a personal trainer for proper lifting technique or sign up for a gym class. Alternatively, you can also do bodyweight exercises at home.

Strength training is more recommended for skinny people who want to conquer their fast metabolism. For that matter, you should give more importance to it than cardio, which does not benefit you big time in your quest to putting on size.

The reason is that cardio exercises, such as jogging, walking or cycling burns through the calories, not being much of a help for people who want to bulk up. So if you’re a fan of cardio, then you may want to switch it up for weightlifting to gain weight fast.

Strength training is more weight focused and it can help you increase weight, especially by combining it with a high protein diet.

But you don’t have to forgo cardio altogether, though. You can still jog or do a long walk, but it should be less often.


Gain Weight Planning

Gain pounds fast despite a high metabolism rate by coming up with a good plan – using the tips mentioned above when it comes to working out and dieting.

By having a plan, you will be focused on your goal and achieve it fast and you will also know when you have missed or when you have cheated on a meal.

To start, have a journal and write everything you eat. Yes, writing from time to time could be tough, but it’s rewarding. It can help you keep track of everything and check on the calories that the foods you eat contains. To make things easier, you can download a fitness tracker, with food tracking and calorie counting features. Using it, you can accurately monitor everything, as it helps you track the calories you’ve consumed for the day.


These ways on how to gain weight are what you need to pack on size fast. So with proper diet, exercise and plan, you can achieve your goal of developing lean muscle mass despite a fast metabolism, and in the process, you don’t really have to trick your metabolism rate, as it works based on your genetic makeup in which you don’t have any control over.

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