What Body Type Am I?

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Three Body Types

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Every "body" is different. We're all mixtures of different body shapes and types and seldom two bodies are exactly the same.

Before you start your fitness journey, it is always important to learn first what your body type is. This way, you could take the necessary adjustments and tailor your diet and training regimen based on what your body most responds to, instead of just mimicking the workout routine of those freaks at your local gym.

This will save you a lot of time and effort. It will also give you a very strong start because you already know the basic guidelines. It's like having an introductory manual for your body.

Who wouldn't like that?

Let's start.

The 3 Body Types

Body Shapes

There are hundreds or even thousands of combinations of body types, but for simplicity's sake, scientists have concluded that we all fit into these 3 categories: Mesomorphs, Endomorphs, and Ectomorphs.

We should take note that all of us are different combinations of these 3 body types. Just because you fit perfectly in 1 body type doesn't mean that you're fully categorized as only that.

Though you may notice that some people fit exactly into 1 body type, you may also find other people who possess the mixture of all 3. This article will help you determine which category you most fit into depending on your body shape as well as the combination you have.

First, let's discuss each of them.

Type 1. Mesomorph (Muscular)

Mesomorphs Body Type


Mesomorphs are the bodybuilding body types. They are characterized by broad shoulders because of their wide clavicles, a narrow waist, thinner joints, and round and long muscle bellies.

In summary, this body type is the well-developed in terms of muscularity. They are those who you see anywhere and immediately think that they are living in the gym--but many of them don't. They are just built that way.

Mesomorphs have the most potential when it comes to building muscles. Because of the amount of muscle bellies they possess, they are the ones who build muscles and get strong fairly quick.

Mesomorphs training and diet tips

Mesomorph Body Type Example

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Since mesomorphs are the "bodybuilding" types, they can do almost anything; they can endure volume and intense workouts and they can recovery from them fairly quickly. They are allowed to train with more volume and intensity than the other two body types. Basically, they can follow any workout program and make consistent gains with it.

The only tip I could give is to balance out training, nutrition, and recovery. Keep the protein at least 1 gram per pound of bodyweight and consume calories from fats and carbs in moderate amounts. You should choose best cheap protein powder to provide protein for your body.

Do cardio just enough to stay lean.

Type 2. Endomorph (Fat)

Endomorphs Body Type


Endomorphs are body types characterized by the "soft" look. They are those who we considered as "fluffy," "chubby," and "cuddly" for their preponderance of body fat. They are those who we see in the "overweight" category because they easily put on fat regardless of how little they eat.

Endomorphs have a round built, a thick rib cage, short limbs, and hips that are as wide or sometimes wider than that shoulders.

Endomorph Body Type Example

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Endomorphs training and diet tips

Endomorphs need to focus on circuit training and cardio for added weight loss benefits. I would also recommend sticking to compound movements for more muscle involvement.

Though they can do well with a bunch of workout programs, they need to prioritize their nutrition. Since endomorphs are able to put fat easily, they need to make an effort to track their calories and stay below their maintenance to lose weight and get consistent with it.

Eat healthy and drink plenty of water to keep you full. Lastly, avoid crash diets. You can also choose best thermogenic fat burner supplement to have good effects.

Type 3. Ectomorph (Skinny)

Ectomorphs Body Type


Ectomorphs are body types characterized by adjectives such as "long," "narrow," "slim," "slender." They are those people who look like they've been cutting for 5 years already. Kiddin' aside, yes, they are those who are in the "underweight" category not because they don't eat, but just because they don't gain weight no matter how much they eat.

Ectomorphs have narrow hips, narrow shoulders, small joints as shown in their wrist and ankle's size, long limbs, and short muscle bellies.

Ectomorphs training and diet tips

Body Type Example

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Ectomorphs are those considered as "hardgainers," because of how little they respond to training. They have a hard time putting weight, much more putting muscles. The key to driving steady progress and growth to an ectomorph frame is to EAT, EAT, and EAT!

Couple that with lifting HEAVY then you have a recipe for ectomorphs growth. Focus on doing compound movements, but with lower rep ranges of 6-10.

Since ectomorphs require longer recovery periods than the other two body types, their workout routine should be a lower volume, but higher intensity ones, and have longer rest between workouts. They should also minimize cardio.

Keep your protein high as well as fats and carbs. To provide enough protein, vitamins, you should choose some of best protein powders and best multivitamins for bodybuilding. Just keep all high. Remember if you're not gaining weight, it only means you're not eating enough.

Below is ​summary of 3 body types and training methods for each type.

3 Body Types

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"What body type am I?" I'm sure you already got your answer to this question.

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